Thursday, August 29, 2013

mini bluetooth speaker with powerbank

    Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Powerbank 2600mAH

GT-D700 is the newly developed item and orginal designed and Made by GTEK LIMITED.

3 Watt output power and bluetooth 2.1 +EDR with top quality power bank 2.6AH can bring you more than music.

GT-D700 speaker function display

GT-D700 front look
How do you fell for this speaker?
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

portable vibration speaker GT-R105

GTEK Limited,a professional portable vibration speaker designer and manufacturer in Shenzhen China has the national patents involving in the vibration technology of this type speakers.
Gyro shape vibration speaker is our original  design and certified with patents in China.
Vibration speaker GT-R106 GTEK DESIGN.

here is the big features released by gtek limited R&D team.

  • original design,fashionable style.
  • simple,durable and classy mental shell.
  • super bass.
  • easy operation and buttonless. MORE INFO,PLEASE VISIT US WWW.GTEKLTD.COM         

Thursday, August 15, 2013

OEM/ODM bluetooth speaker manufacturer GTEKLTD.COM

Customized portable bluetooth speakers can meet the end-users' diversified need and also can spur the retail market demand. AS a professtional portable bluetooth speaker manufacturer in China,we keen on the OEM and ODM service of speakers development.
Original design and Made speakers 


Rearch and Development(R&D) Team in GTEK Limited

over 10 engineers and with 5 years' industry expertise, GTek develops its leading edge products completely in-house, including industrial design, tooling, molding, PCB design and assembly and housing development.

Service of original equipment manufacturer(OEM)/Original Design Manufacturer(ODM)

GTek Limited offers OEM/ ODM services for customers all over the world. We can brand their products upon requirement on budget & models, capacity & speed, customized logo design & printing, customized packing design & printing, file pre-loading and auto-running, etc. For ODM project, GTek's one-stop solution can bring you the fastest lead-time with qualified products.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

China bluetooth speakers manufacturer

China bluetooth speaker manufacturer
        products scope:
  • portable bluetooth speaker
  • portable vibration speaker
  • wireless bluetooth speaker
  • power bank with bluetooth speaker
New origial bluetooth speaker will release at our blog and website.

Friday, August 9, 2013

triangle vibration speaker designed and made by GTEK LIMITED

Triangle vibration speaker is the hot and popular item in the Market now and was exhibited in CES 2013.
GT-R115 Triangle vibration speaker

This amazing little device can turn almost any surface into a high fidelity speaker. Tables, chairs, windows and walls will all come alive with the 360° Vibration Speaker.
Triangle vibraton speaker is the latest vibration speaker system which turns virtually anything into a speaker! Plug in your music player and stick.
Triangle vibration speaker to any surface or object and you instantly have a mobile, on the go speaker.

Easy to operate! (just plug it, stick it and then play it.) Turn Anything into a Speaker!
Our engineers care about all the tiny detailes for this speaker fashonable design,anti-strach coating,urtra small and portable,saving you from the hassle of tangled wires.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

how to choose a portable bluetooth speaker?

Will list the key tips of how to.Here is the sales manager's suggestion from GTEK LIMITED.

  • listen:try to listen differdent type songs or music,DJ,soft song,piano music.If you care for the super bass,please try  some game songs or some single tone dee or daaa.
  • careful look:just look the handcrafts or the configuration of the bluetooth speaker.
  • trial use:easy to operate and easy to pair.must note the revision of the bluetooth 2.4 GHz must support PMP and A2DF
  • Key tips to choose a good performance bluetooth speaker

Monday, August 5, 2013

Portable bluetooth speaker original design dust proof and outer loop for volum up&down Made by GTEK LIMITED

Here is the new featured portable bluetooth speaker from GTEK LIMITED a professional portable speaker manufacturer.Already released to the market recently.
Bluetooth speaker design & made by
Spit it GT-D100 bluetooth speaker is the best and perfect companion of motorola MOTO X and discount Nokia Lumia 1020 and Galaxy s4 such hot smartphones.

Though GT-D100 can not NFC wireless data transfer,bluetooth wireless is much more better for the good performace as usual when we listen to the music with this new type portable speaker.

GT-D100 speaker can bring you wonderful songs in starbucks when you enjoy coffee google providing the free wifi for your mobile phones and iPAD.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

portable bluetooth speaker-original design by GTEK LIMITED GT-D108

Portable bluetooth speaker-original design by GTEK LIMITED

Gtek Limited is the manufacturer of portable speakers in Shenzhen China.Here now is the newly developed portable bluetooth speakers.
GD-D108 portable bluetooth speaker  is elegent style and the best compion of iPhone.Suitable for outdoors and home.
Now matter where you are in office or at home,this type speaker is easy to carry on or come with you together with iphone or galaxy sumsing smartphone.

Below we can take a look at the tiny detail of this blue tooth speaker.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

cell phone is out of power when listening to music outdoors,how can we do?

All smartphones or iPad and iPhone have the same problem-the lithium battery one time fully charged can only keep 8 or 12 hours.when we travel out,our cellphone or iPhone must have to power off.Here we will use emergency power bank or something like that.

Here is the featured emergency powerbank we recommended:
original design and made by GTEK LIMITED
2600mAH power bank with bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth speaker w/ power bank made by

  • bluetooth wireless speaker,hands free call.
  • 2.6AH/2600mAH battery capacity.
  • can compatible with android mobile,IOS iphone and blackberry phones.
  • can charge your mobile phone also can listen to music with the bluetooth speakers.